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Imaging it, when you meet with a client, he is from a soccer club. He wants to get new home kits & away kits for the members from his club. When you meet with him, what do you need to be supported?
From Our experience, here it is what you need:
Catalogue: Showing the products what you can do.
Physical Samples: Touch and feel the soccer gears
★ 26 PCS full sizes samples to try fit and get the exactly quantity for each size: Adult Size(XS-6XL) Lady (L6-L24) Kids(4Y-14Y)
Size Charts: For professional people they can confirm by size chart.
Fabric Swatch: Give clients some choice when they want more special on fabrics.
Template to Design: Give your clients full choice to DIY their gear.
Designs Pattern: 1000+ free design pattern template.
Color Chart: Choose colors from our color chart, it will make the order process easier.
Price List: make you quotation easily.
Different range samples and special fabrics: make your products more ranges to choose and more special.

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